StarLine Company is a reliable provider of package of services in the foreign economic activity market.

Our key focus areas include customs processing exported and imported cargoes, customs services, international carriage, supply and logistics.
Experience of many years, extensive network of subdivisions and cooperation with well-known Russian and foreign partners allow the StarLine Company providing its clients with fast and efficient solutions in the customs services market.


Our key benefits

  • Quick arrangement of business offers
  • “Transparent” cost of customs clearance and customs broker services
  • Traceability of a cargo location and status on-line
  • Customer support 24/7 throughout the customs processing
  • Full package of customs services for processing imported and exported cargoes of various range
Experts from StarLine will be your reliable pilots in the turbulent sea of foreign economic activity, they will help to save time, money, and nerves, to clear your goods, deliver the same in time by land or by sea, and ensure safe keeping!
We deliver fulfillment of the obligations undertaken in the customs services market to a high standard, quick performance of the experts throughout the company, and efficient solutions of the problems set. 
By applying us, you are certain to acquire a reliable business partner looking forward to long-term fruitful cooperation.

We will help you to calculate optimal routes and costs of delivery and customs clearance, and set clear time limits for you contract discharge.

Customs clearance market is closely connected with continuously updated legal framework, which directly affects the date of cargo processing and delivery, and, as a result, increases expenses and cargo production cost.
Expert potential of StarLine employees, vast experience in customs procedures, deep knowledge of the customs law in detail, well-established relations in the custom clearance market will release you from expenditures caused by the lack of experience in foreign economic activity.